NZOI January Camp 2017

The annual NZOI January Camp for 2017 has come to a close. Students from around New Zealand have spent a week learning new algorithms and languages, using them to solve problems, coding up those solutions, debugging them, and submitting them - hopefully to receive the coveted response: All Correct!

Students of all experience levels attended, and were split into three streams. The Juniors came in knowing the Python they had learnt in school and spent the week learning C++, the most popular language at the IOI. The Intermediates came in already knowing some C++, and during the camp they learnt all about algorithms, from graph theory to dynamic programming to computational geometry. The Seniors have already leant all of the Intermediate material, and spent most of the camp practicing on hard problems (including a particular problem about fish), with some advanced lectures interspersed.

We had a great bunch of students attend this year. They’re probably one of the most keen groups I’ve seen, and even spent some evenings voluntarily spending their free time solving more problems! I think that all of the tutors would agree, they were a pleasure to teach.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of the tutors and organising staff involved: Andrew, Margot, Neil, Suzanne, Simon, Tim, Thomas, and Victor. Without all of them, such a great camp would not have been possible.

camp photo

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IOI 2016 results

The 28th IOI was held in Kazan, Russia from August 12 to August 19 2016. The New Zealand team for 2016, consisted of Jonathan Khoo (Mount Roskill Grammar), Christopher Brown (Christ’s College), Andrew Chen (Auckland International College) and Chris Jung (Christ’s College).

There were 2 competition days where 3 problems are presented each day with 5 hours to solve them. Sub tasks can be attempted in any problem for partial marks. Tension was high on the first contest day when Jonathan successfully completed the first problem with the full 100 points, following up with 64 points in the second problem and 23 points in the third problem.

After two days of competition, Jonathan Khoo and Andrew Chen both won bronze medals, scoring 293 and 238 points respectively. Out of 308 official contestants from 81 countries, Jonathan placed 104th, and Andrew placed 145th. Christopher scored 238 placing 156th, and Chris Jung scored 154, placing 215th. This is an excellent result from the team, despite Chris spending two nights in a Russian hospital with suspected pneumonia!

Apart from the competition days, the team had several excursions, including visiting many local attractions. The embankment walk along the side of the Kazanka river was an early highlight with students enjoying the bikes, pedal cars, skates and other activities available. The UNESCO World Heritage site - the Kazan Kremlin - astounded all teams with its beautiful historic buildings. Another highlight was the excursion to the impressive development of the Innapolis IT University and the beautiful island town of Sviyazhsk

The next IOI will be held in Tehran, Iran from July 28 to August 4.

Thanks to our sponsors for making the trip possible. A big thank you also to Ronald Chan for all his work and time spent running the selection contests, selecting the team, and his efforts all year in training the team for this contest.

team photo

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IOI 2015 results

The 27th IOI was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from July 26 to August 2. The New Zealand team for 2015, consisted of Jonathan Khoo (Mount Roskill Grammar), Christopher Brown (Christ’s College), Byung Hoon Cho (Auckland Grammar) and Philip Anderson (King’s High School).

While spectators may have been worried when Christopher was still at only 20 points 2.5 hours into the first day, he pulled through in the end. After two days of competition, each 5 hours long with 3 problems worth 100 points, Jonathan Khoo and Christopher Brown both won bronze medals, scoring 256.42 and 238.42 respectively. Out of 322 official contestants from over 80 countries, Jonathan placed 120th, and Christopher placed 134th. This is an excellent result, particularly since this is Jonathan’s first year competing in the IOI. Byung Hoon Cho scored 145.46 placing 190th, and Philip Anderson scored 118, placing 218th.

Apart from the competition days, we had two excursions, attending the Kazakh State Circus, and acquainting ourselves with the local Kazakh customs and traditions.

The next IOI will be held in Kazan, Russia. As Jonathan and Christopher are both still only year 12, we are looking forward to seeing how well they can do next year.

team photo

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IOI 2014 Results

The 2014 IOI was held in Taipei, Taiwan from July 13 to July 20. The New Zealand team consisted of Alan Ansell (Auckland University), Christopher Brown (Christs College), Byung Hoon Cho (Auckland Grammar) and Tate Kennington (James Hargest). They were accompanied by Ronald Chan (leader) and Margot Phillipps (deputy leader). The team gathered in Auckland for extra training on July 6 and left for Taiwan on the 11th.

There were 2 competition days, July 15 and 17, where 3 problems are presented with 5 hours to solve them. Sub tasks can be attempted in any problem for partial marks. Alan kept us in suspense on the first day, solving one problem for 100 marks with 7 minutes to spare. This put him right on the bronze boundary. The second day he gained a further 127 marks which was sufficient to earn him a bronze medal, placed 149th.

The other students were relatively young but have been motivated by their experience to try for a medal in future years. There were 311 contestants and Christopher placed 197 with a combined total of 155, Byung Hoon placed 223rd with 106 and Tate was 269th with 63.

We had trips to the zoo, to Lihpaoland Amusement park (an aquatic theme park) , to the National center for Traditional Arts and an unofficial trip to a 6 story plaza of electronics stores

The team arrived back rather tired and a day late for school on Tuesday 22 July!

team photo

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Pre-departure training camp 2014

Every year before the team leaves to go to camp. The team gets together for some last minute training. We also start to try adopting to the foreign timezone so there’s less catching up to do over there.

IOI team members busy cramming algorithms

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Team selected for the 2014 IOI

Congratulations to the New Zealand IOI team for 2014 - Alan Ansell, Christopher Brown , Byung-Hoon Cho and Tate Kennington. With Byung-Cheol Cho as the reserve. There were some hard decisions that had to be made and we hope see see everyone back next year trialling for the team. Keep training ;) A big thanks goes out to all those who help with training our students and the parents who keep helping our students get to camp.

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NZOI summer camp 2014 success

With over 25 students coming from all over New Zealand, and a grueling 12 hours spent in the Auckland airport waiting for flights, the summer camp has come to a close.

We had students from every walk of life, some competing at the IOI level, for a spot on the team, and others learning C++ as their first or second language

We really want to thank AUT and Grafton Hall, for without them, our camp would not be possible. We also have to thank our generous lecturers and tutors, who give up their time to help educate!

See you all next year!

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NZOI summer camp 2014 preperation

We are well in the midst of preparations for NZOI Summer Training Camp, and looking out for students to attend!

Secondary school students from all over New Zealand will soon be converging on Auckland, for the annual training and team selection camp. Students live at the prestigious Grafton Hall, and study at the magnificent AUT, and we thank our very generous hosts for the facilities they provide!

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IOI 2013 Results

Our magnificent team have returned from the IOI with two bronze medals, after two tense contest days! Both Tony and Logan have scored bronze medals, with Tony being very close to a silver. Byung-Hoon and Alan Ansell were both very close to medal potential, and we look forward to seeing what they will be doing in the future!

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IOI 2013 is nearly here

The team of four is gathering in Auckland on July 2 for a pre-departure training camp. They will be working at a lab sponsored by AUT, and in addition to last minute practices, they will be meeting with many of our sponsors.

Internet NZ, Solnet, VendHQ and Orion Health have all helped make this year’s trip to the IOI in Brisbane possible.

Three of the 4 team members are old hands with Tony Sun and Logan Glasson attending their 4th Olympiads and Alan Ansell attending his 2nd. New comer Byung Hoon Cho is not completely a novice to the scientific Olympiads with an older brother making the Maths team this year. The team are looking forward to the Brisbane competition with hope that all their hard work will reap rewards.

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