About Us

The NZIC is being run by the New Zealand Olympiad in Informatics (NZOI) organisation.

Each year, we run the January camp to teach students about programming and algorithms. During the camp, two contests are held. Using those results, we pick a squad of around 8-10 students for further training and selection contests. Usually in March, 4 students will be picked to form a team to represent New Zealand at the International Olympiad in Informatics.

The NZIC being set up to give talented students a challenge and find new students interested in programming, algorithms and problem solving. The Very Easy and Easy problems are designed to be appropriate for new students, and encourage them to learn more about informatics. Students scoring around 80 in a regular round are ready to enter our January camp in the intermediate course. Having said this, motivated students with lower scores may also be able to keep up.