Contest Schedule

  • Round 1 (Term 1 - Week 8: 17-21 March 2015)
  • Round 2 (Term 2 - Week 5: 19-23 May 2015)
  • Round 3 (Term 3 - Week 4: 11-15 August 2015)
  • Final Round 4 hours (Term 3 - Week 8: 8-12 September 2015)

Each round will have 4 problems adding up to a score of 400 points, and a duration of 3 hours. The final round will be 4 hours so students will have more time to attempt the more difficult problems.

Official competitors

Each school can pick what time their students will do the contest. That means that as suits the school, the contest can be held during school hours, after-school or on Saturday. Each contest will run from Tuesday to Saturday of that week.

Unofficial competitors

After registration, the contest will be visible for you from Sunday to Tuesday. You can compete at any time between those days. Please do not talk to others about the problems, and compete fairly.

We may, at our discretion, choose to invite students performing well to compete in the final round officially. The results of the official competitors in the final round may be used to invite students to our January training camp.