News 2015

The NZIC is a new contest series run by the New Zealand Olympiad in Informatics. The difficulty ranges from entry-level problems to more challenging problems. To practice, sign up at

The contest is open to all students currently enrolled in a secondary school (or intermediate) in New Zealand (students from year 7-13). There will be a scoreboard for individuals, and one for schools.

Final Round

19th September 2015

The final results are now available! Congratulations to Christopher Brown, Christ’s College, who swooped in from second place before the final, to become the overall winner. Also, congratulations to Auckland Grammar, the school with the highest overall score.

Thank you to all participants of NZIC 2015. We will issue invitations to students for January camp shortly. This will be held 9th-17th January in Wellington.

January Camp

If you are interested in coming to our January training camp, we suggest that you express your interest by the 8th of September by emailing You can apply even if you have not competed in the NZIC, just let us know what programming experience you have (languages, years, courses taken, programs written and other competition results). The 2016 camp is available for those who are in secondary school in 2015 (including year 13 students who will start university in 2016).

Places will be limited for those who will be in year 13 or 1st year university in 2016 (currently year 12 or 13), and NZIC results will be a large factor in gaining entry. If you have not participated in the NZIC, but have evidence of equal or exceptional talent, please email us at ASAP (before we fill up these places) to ensure you do not miss out on a place. Places will be extremely limited for university students.

For now, we expect to have open entry for those who will be year 12 or younger in 2016, so NZIC results or equivalent will not be necessary to get a place. However, if we receive more applications, places for year 12 (currently year 11) may fill up quickly, so we suggest you are quick in applying.

We expect to start inviting (offering places) to students after the final round (mid-September). Camp fees apply.

Round 3

The scoreboard is now available!

Round 2

The results of round 2 are now available!

Solutions can be found here.

Round 1

The results of round 1 are now available!

Solutions can be found here.

What is Informatics?

In the context of this competition, informatics involves problem solving with computer programs. Problems of a mathematical nature are posed, and students will write a computer program to solve the problem. The competition tests the efficiency and correctness of the algorithms the students come up with. The use of a programming language is not the goal itself, but rather a method by which a solution is expressed.

What now?

If you are a student, register your interest, and sort out a contest location and time at your school. Find other interested students, and ask a teacher or other adult to supervise (we will allow a parent or school prefect if recommended by a teacher). If you are unable to find a teacher, you may compete unofficially.

If you are a teacher, email us to register your interest. We will let you know of the details required to register students to compete.

Watch this space for updates and more information.


These will be posted after each round.