January Camp

Each year, we run a training camp in January for around 24 students. This is the first step towards selection for the team that represents New Zealand at the IOI.

In the past, the process for most students to apply for camp involves participating in the New Zealand Programming Contest. There are some disadvantages with this:

  • it may be more difficult for students to participate in the NZPC because:
    • it is in teams of 3
    • some students may need to travel quite far to an NZPC site
  • it is also difficult to assess an individual student’s ability in a team contest
  • the style of the NZPC problems are not a good match for those in the informatics olympiad (in particular, partial points are awarded in the informatics olympiad)

This year, the NZIC will be an alternative path for students who wish to apply to join our January training camp. NZIC may be more accessible by:

  • allowing students to compete individually (rather than sharing 1 computer)
  • allowing more choice of programming languages (including Python)
  • having problems designed specifically for high school students (rather than university students)

With multiple rounds during the year, we hope that the NZIC will encourage students to learn more throughout the year, so that students coming to January camp will be more receptive of the content we teach. We also hope that NZIC creates greater awareness of informatics for a greater number of students, not only those who have come to our camp.

For January camp, please register your interest with us and apply even if you have not had much algorithmic experience. Because algorithms are not taught in high schools, most new students at camp have not had experience with algorithms. Apart from the selection of students to form a team to represent New Zealand at the IOI, the camp is also a place for students who have not had formal experience with algorithms to learn about them.